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Kool Shaving Cream (Monsoon)

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Kool Shaving Cream (Monsoon)
Kool Shaving Cream will give you a 3D shaving experience which will keep your
skin moisturized and soft. Kool is equipped with two unique variants, Frosty and Monsoon.
A small amount of Kool Shaving Cream Frosty with Beard Softener Technology instantly produces rich,
frothy lather, adequate for several passes with razor. Your face won't complain after you wash your face.
In addition to providing antiseptic protection, Kool Shaving Cream Frosty gives you a cool and refreshing feeling.
Its Sea Wood fragrance also gives a good feel after shave. Kool Shaving Cream Monsoon with Beard Softener technology
creates lavish foam and the creamy lather softens your beard down to where you want. The thick lather helps the blade glide
over skin gently and smoothly thus avoiding you getting grazed. Its unique freshener will make heads turn when you pass by.
Its green citrus fragrance also gives a good feel after shave.

Kool Shaving Cream (Monsoon)

1. Wet your skin with water.
2. Lather shaving cream in your hands for the easiest shave.
3. Use a bowl and brush to make the cream smoother.
4. Shave with the direction your hair grows.
5. Rinse any extra shaving cream off of your face when you're finished.

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