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Uright Blood Glucose Machine

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Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Uright Blood Glucose Machine

Product details

This is an instrument used by many diabetics to measure blood glucose levels.
Blood sugar can change in different individuals for a variety of reasons. A person that
may want to monitor blood sugar, or glucose levels can include: women who are pregnant,
individuals taking insulin, those who have low blood glucose levels, and those who have high glucose levels.
The devices are intended to give fast, accurate, and easy testing as well as improve efficiency of the testing.
This is the monitor is a blood glucose monitoring system. This system contains various products such as this
Monitor which works together with other accessories to measure the amount of sugar or glucose in the blood to
help you and your doctor control your diabetes. This Monitor is used by patients with diabetes to test their own
blood glucose. It may also be used by health care professionals for monitoring blood glucose. This System is more convenient.
And easy to use. It allows you to flag test results just by a click of a button and also enables you to set a reminder for
your test. This system should not be used to diagnose diabetes. Consult your doctor for more instructions.

Uright Blood Glucose Machine
•    Right technology
•    Least painful lancet device technology
•    Test from your fingertip or other sites
•    Fast, accurate results
•    Small sample
•    with 10 pcs strip
•    with 1 pcs lancing device
•    with 10 pcs neddle
•    with 1 pcs battery

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